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Attended ThrillerFest XIII in NYC July 2018

Hear You Think is a fast moving thriller with a technical edge. My professional editor told me that she saw a movie as she read the book. That is exactly how I wanted the experience. I am a visual person and want the reader to feel by all of their senses the action in the book. Here I introduce Reese Stanton. Reese is a former "invisible" ops guy. He was part of a team that directly reported to the President of the United States (POTUS). His scope of activity including doing the necessary actions to keep the U.S and its interest safe. Reese had a bunch of buddies that will endear themselve to you as you read about them.My first book is Hear You Think is now available as an electronic download and paperback from Amazon. Go back to the home page and click on the link showing the avatar holding an iPad with the cover of the book. The title gives away the basis for the book. That is, a device has been developed with the help of a nanotechnology based super computer the ability to detect and process the electro pluses between the synapses of the brain of a person. The person who has the device can therefore ready that person's mind. Scary, right?

I had the wonderful experience of attending the International Thriller Writers’ conference in NYC, ThrillerFest XIII the week of July 10 to 14. I attended many sessions to improve my craft of writing. It was a wonderful and professionally expanding experience. I met many accomplished authors who willingly gave much advice. I already have ideas on how to intrigue my reading in my future. books. I also found all those in attendance very friendly and encouraging. One of the recommendations at the conference was to keep writing. So Reese is now going from my mind to the computer. He will returning this fall. Again, it will be exciting and fast moving.

At the ThrillerFest sessions I met a number of best selling authors. It was an exciting experience. I learned more about the craft of writing Thriller books. We had a practive Pitchfest session with best selling authors. They listened to us describe our books in prepartion to pitching to literary agents. I had a number of best selling authors request to get a copy of my book. That is the ultimate compliment.

On the horizon | May 2018 -

It has come to my attention that the electronic version of the book should be viewed using the Kindle app from Amazon. I had a reader use the iBooks app. This app changed the font styles and created other presentation problems. Links for the Kindle Reader is below for the iOS and Android devices. Enjoy reading!

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