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Welcome to the web site of Alexander Gelston.

I am a new author. It is a big leap for an engineer to write a novel. Engineers typically work with numbers and equations. However, for years, I was a passionate reader. My favor genre was thrillers. I love Baldacci, Flynn, and a whole host of great authors. As I traveled the world with my career, I always carried a book as my friend on the plane, in the hotel or just waiting somewhere. I am grateful to all of those authors for keeping me company and filling my life. As a creative person, it occurred to me to pay it back. Therefore my genre is to entertain, capture your imagination, and using my technical background, push the edge of what is possible. Who knows what is possible?

I live in Central New York. The town I live in has a 17-mile long lake with clear, clean water. Sailing is one of my favorite activities. Writing is now my biggest passion. For years I invented new technology with patents. Now I create stories. As an engineer, I tend to do detail research. To me, it is NOT tedious but exciting. In Hear You Think I use the SR-71 (Blackbird) for a part of the book. The research was fun. Also, I calculate actual flight times, capabilities of planes, time zone differences to make the story precise. Am I boring in person? Probably, unless you get me to talk about my new book or future books. Then you cannot shut me up. What a personality shift.

I raised three children in this town. All three followed their dreams now live in Minneapolis and Denver. Both great cities to visit and see a few of my seven grandchildren. However, they come to sail on my lake every summer in my delightful small town. My wife and I have three dachshunds. Without children in the house, the dogs have to fill the void — more on those girls in the future.

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Alexander Gelston
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