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If you like David Baldacci or Vince Flynn, you will like Hear You Think.

Summary below

This web site is your portal to what works I will do for you, my readers. As I mention on the About page, I have enjoyed reading all my life. I am contributing to the options of literary adventures available. As an engineer I will include technical elements. Some are already established, some are from my imagaination. I do like to think that some that I create in my imagination is going to be possible some day. As you visit other pages note that there are going to be new and exciting adventures for Reese Stanton


The protagonist, Reese Stanton, is coming in the next book. Operation Boomerang first draft is done. It has to go to my editor for his magic. Read the News page. This where I go into detail the steps I will go through to have this new exciting book ready for you. An author's first book is usually the learning product. Subsequent books usually have more craft. I certainly hope this will be the case. Operation Boomerang deals with missions in Iran and North Korea. It has twist and turns and subplots, new craft! Also in Operation Boomerang you get to know Reese and is family.

E-mail me so I can give you a direct heads-up of the status of Operation Boomerang.

More missions to China and Russia in the future.

A short summary of Hear You Think

In order to keep a top-secret, high-tech military device from getting into the hands of the enemy, Reece Stanton must come out of retirement to get his elite team back together and go undercover with the CIA.

His efforts are impeded by the new administration that has just taken up residence in the White House. The new president disregards the entire project as worthless, and his ineptitude at briefing his new FBI director and others only adds to the problem. Reece must use his closeness to the former president, whom everyone respects and misses, and ask him to intervene, in order to get anything done.

The mission begins after the laboratory where the device was invented is bombed and the three devices are stolen by an intermediary team, who will then turn the devices over to the actual “customer,” who happens to be trying to destroy the United States from within. The plan is extremely thorough; the thieves wear disguises that let them hide in plain sight then they disburse. If one or two are captured, the third should still be able to get the device to the client.

The devices are the result of the Hearing Project; small units that can be inserted in the ear that allow the wearer to read the thoughts of everyone around them. The ramifications of someone wearing one of these near any military personnel can and are deadly; the vice president’s convoy is attacked, and the exact car she was in is known because one of the thieves wore the hearing device and engaged a Secret Service guard, who just happened to think about the VP being in the third car of the convoy. The vice president is subsequently killed and the nation goes on lockdown—no international flights allowed until the perpetrators are caught.

Two of the thieves take their hearing devices and play high stakes poker in Las Vegas and New York, winning millions of dollars. The third goes back to being butler to one of the richest men in the world, where he “hears” the combination to the safe holding bags of diamonds worth millions of dollars. He is the only one able to flee the country, using his employer’s private jet.

The team track down and capture the first two thieves on US soil. However, Reece and Agent Sarah Castle have to chase the third thief to Asia and Hong Kong, posing as a British couple, and aided by US tech in the form of a bird drone that mimics a real bird, and a bee drone that can actually buzz around and send visual and audio to an iPhone for surveillance.

Reece and his top-secret team are the only ones who can save the US—and the public will never know.


Alexander Gelston

Always imagining and creating

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